Artistic Statement


Mixed Media Design

My artistic objectives are to utilize techniques such as collage, decollage and assemblage, combining mixed media and re-purposed / found objects as a physical expression of my conscious and subconscious thoughts. I aim to portray truth and authenticity juxtaposing objective reality with the subjective psyche.

I hope to stimulate humanity’s innate ability to create meaningful relationships with people and art through direct interaction. Through abstraction, my goal is to challenge my audience to de-isolate themselves, break down personal barriers and initiate an emotional response. The inspiration for my art comes from my connection to the urban landscape and the human experience.

I am particularly interested in:
• Visual language and the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses.
• The progressive deterioration of thinking ability, memory and sight and how it affects self-identity and persona.
• The impact of technology and media on human interaction and communication in today’s society.